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Source: Getty

Amber Frey, Ex-Girlfriend of Convicted Murderer Scott Peterson, Will Appear on 'Dateline'


When Laci Peterson first disappeared on Christmas Eve in 2002, her family immediately crossed one person off the list of suspects: Scott Peterson. The couple had been married for five years, and loved ones said it was clear how in love they were. Plus, Laci Peterson was nearly nine months pregnant with a son they were planning to name Conner. Scott had seemed so excited about the new addition.

But massage therapist Amber Frey saw a familiar face in her newspaper one morning: her boyfriend, Scott Peterson. She was shocked to learn that not only wasn't he away like he said he was, but he was looking for his wife — the one he had told her he was estranged from. As Amber learned more about her boyfriend's deceit, she became a key player in his ultimate arrest, and his conviction for murder.