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Source: Getty Images

Why Sebastian Maniscalco and Lana Gomez Are the Ultimate Power Couple


You probably already know Sebastian Maniscalco's wife, Lana Gomez, from his Netflix comedy special Stay Hungry. Sebastian, who is hosting the 2019 MTV VMAs, frequently jokes about Lana and her family in his standup routines. 

Outside of that, though, Sebastian Maniscalco's wife is an incredibly talented artist with a great sense of humor. Here's what you should know about Lana Gomez.

Sebastian Maniscalco's wife and her family provide a lot of comedy material.  

Sebastian loves to joke about the differences between Lana's Jewish upbringing and his Italian one. In his Netflix special Aren't You Embarrassed, the comedian hilariously recounted what it was like having his first Passover meal with Lana's family.