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People Are Trying to Sell Montana to Canada to Clear The National Debt


The national debt of the United States passed $22 trillion this week, which probably sounds like a terrifying number. And that's because it is. The percentage of debt as compared to gross domestic product is now 104.1%, the highest level since just after the end of World War II.  

According to the US Debt Clock, that converts to about $67.000 worth of debt for every single citizen of the United States. The main culprit of public debt is a budget deficit, when government expenditure exceeds revenue collected. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the annual shortfall will be $1 trillion by 2022. 

But thankfully, there's wise people like Ian Hammond coming up with a plan to bring the debt down. His idea? To sell the state of Montana to Canada for $1 trillion. With Montana being one of the states that kids forget when they have to memorise all 50 for school, it wouldn't exactly be a major loss.