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Source: Netflix

Meet the Cast: 'Singapore Social's Affluent Characters and How They Got Their Starts


If you needed another reality show to binge-watch this weekend, Netflix has you covered. In the style of the characters from Crazy Rich Asians, Netflix's new reality series Singapore Social gives us an inside look at some of Singapore's affluent "as they defy expectations and traverse the tricky terrain of career, romance and family," Netflix says.

Before you sit down to watch the entire series at once, here's what you need to know about all of the cast members.

1. Paul Foster

Source: Instagram

Paul is a different kind of triple threat. He's an actor, model, and host, and has a history in reality TV. When he comes to the show, he's 38 and thinking about settling down with his girlfriend, Joey. While the two definitely face some hardships navigating that path on the show, according to his Instagram, it looks like the two are still together.

Instagram: @paulfosterrr