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Source: istock

Frightened Single Dad Wants to Give Son up for Adoption so He Doesn't "Resent" Him


A single dad who hit a low-point in his life vented his frustrations online on Reddit, asking if it would be wrong to give his toddler up for adoption due to the emotional toll parenting was taking on him.

Life as a parent, even in a two-parent situation, is really tough. Kids can test your patience in ways that you never thought possible and force you to grow up whether you're ready or not.

I started raising kids at a "good" time in my life and that still proved to be very difficult, despite having help from family, friends, and my wife. If I was a single dad, I don't know how I'd go about being a parent and it's something that honestly scares me to even think about.

But there are people who can totally rock being a single parent and that takes a lot of grit, determination, and endless amounts of love.

The thing is though, even in "ideal" situations, the pressure to look after a child mounts. It's easy for parents to become overwhelmed with grief or thoughts that they're "missing out," especially when other aspects of their lives begin to take a backseat to raising kids — specifically "adult" activities like dating and watching some form of entertainment that isn't Paw Patrol or The Wiggles