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25 Singles Awareness Day Memes for Folks Opting Out on Love



Millennials are known for ruining a lot of industries and institutions — paper napkins, bar soap, diamonds — but the biggest way we're destroying the fabric of society is in the area of marriage and family. A 2014 study found nearly 60 percent of millennials were single and never married — so I guess you could say we're ruining Valentine's Day, too. Actually, we've just reinvented it — as Singles Awareness Day.

If you're worried about being #ForeverAlone or totally happy with that fate — or at the very least resigned to it — these 19 "Happy Singles Awareness Day" memes will give you a chuckle and make you feel better about your life choices.

1. Sometimes being single on the most romantic day of the year can get lonely...

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But if you think about it, you're single 365 days of the year!

2. Even your carton of milk has a date today.

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I guess we get it though... that carton of milk is pretty dreamy.

3. My advice? Consider avoiding movie theaters today

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Sitting in a dark room surrounded by people kissing? No thanks!

4. Some of us are feeling really punny today

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Seriously, this is my life.

5. I've never related to a grilled cheese more than I do RN.

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Valentine's Day is the cheesiest day of the year, anyway.

6. We all know that Feb. 15 is the only holiday that really matters, anyway

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Couples and singles alike are waiting for that highly anticipated trip to CVS... chocolate city, here I come.

7. Just remember to love the one you're with...

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Even though Treat Yo Self Day is officially October 12, I don't see why you can't double up on occasions to spoil yourself. People make fun of people who send themselves flowers but, hey, there's no rule that single people don't get to have nice things!

8. And know deep down, that singles have more fun

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If you're stressing your single status, just know that the majority of your coupled up friends had a hella disappointing Valentine's Day and maybe even fought over it. Relationships aren't all wine and roses!

9. Going low can feel pretty good sometimes, too, though

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If you don't feel like looking for the bright side of singledom, that's OK, too. Find yourself a friend who hates February 14 as much as you do and show that seasonal items aisle at the drugstore how you really feel. 

Also, you don't have to have a significant other to enjoy some chocolate... just sayin.'

10. And look at all the money you're saving!

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I'm not a mathematician or anything but this is totally how it works. Dinner for one is way cheaper and you don't have to worry about a date picking off your plate or ordering something with the dreaded "Market Price" designation. 

11. "I love you." "I know."

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Han Solo was not a good boyfriend, but he's a pretty OK mascot for this holiday. 

12. Love yourself as much as Kanye loves Kanye

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Look, Kanye isn't goals for a lot of things in life, but one thing you can say for the guy is he's his own best cheerleader. Take a page from Yeezy's book this February 14 and be your own hype man/woman/person.

13. Pets make good dates, too

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While I don't recommend giving your cat soda — honestly, it's horrible for your body so I don't really recommend giving yourself soda, either — I do fully endorse naming your pets as your soulmates. 

14. When you think about it, love stinks!

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This Singles Awareness Day meme is brought to you by Lysol and the makers of Febreze.

15. TBH this looks like a major upgrade from the typical VD date

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Not only does this look like a nice balanced meal, but what a charming, well-dressed date! I rate this dog date a 10/10.

16. Keep in mind that a sandwich will never ghost you

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Look, I'm not even single but same. Tortas are way better than flowers and kisses and honestly about 95 percent of all things romance.

17. And again, think about the savings!

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You're saving way more than 15 percent on car insurance by spending this February 14 with yourself. 

18. Besides, single people are more interesting

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Look, if even the Most Interesting Man in the World is spending Valentine's Day alone, you're in good company.

19. The only conversation heart you need...

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Nope is a full sentence and a fully valid attitude toward romance and relationships.

20. We're laughing our way to the bank

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While women seem to bear the brunt of the singleton blues around this holiday, guys definitely can feel a twinge of loneliness on Valentine's Day. But hey, guys, Singles Awareness Day is for you, too. And not having a date means you'll have more than singles in that wallet at the end of the night.

21. But really, listen to Taraji

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I don't necessarily believe that you can't love someone else until you learn to love yourself, but prioritizing self-love is definitely not bad advice. Being single doesn't mean being sad or lonely. It's a valid life choice and you should celebrate the hell out of it!

22. You might feel lonely *sometimes*

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So just know that, even if you're wishing you weren't alone you're... well, you're not alone in that!

23. Just remember to be your own boyfriend/girlfriend

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Acceptance is the final stage of singledom. OK, fine, so it's the final stage of grief, but it can be the final stage of singledom, too! There are plenty advantages to dating yourself. After all, nobody knows your likes and dislikes, hopes and dreams, and peccadillos better than you do! 

24. Because deserve to be your own #1

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Once you've become the best boyfriend/girlfriend to yourself you can be, you might not ever want to go back to dating. 

25. Celebrate you every day of the month

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February 14 is just a date on the calendar. It isn't special. And having a date on that date isn't special either. But you are, just as you are, with or without a spouse or significant other. Remember that and have a very happy Singles Awareness Day!

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