Sister Cindy Has Gained Tons of Followers on TikTok Since Getting Started

Stephanie Harper - Author

May 4 2022, Published 2:57 p.m. ET

You may have heard of Sister Cindy, a TikToker who takes an unconventional approach when it comes to her work as a preacher. Sister Cindy currently has over 402,000 followers tuning in on the platform to hear her stories about religious topics.

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She uses a ton of slang words and modern lingo to appeal to the younger generation — and it seems to work. In plenty of her videos, she’s surrounded by young people. However, as with all controversial topics like religion, not everyone is a fan of her content. Here's what curious TikTok users should know before following her account.

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Who exactly is Sister Cindy on TikTok?

Cindy Smock, aka Sister Cindy on TikTok, is a preacher who spreads the gospel in a Gen Z-ified way. She and her husband, evangelist Brother Jed, often preach on college campuses, sharing their controversial views with young people.

Cindy's main slogan is “Ho no' mo',” which is her way of crudely cautioning people against premarital sex. In one of her recent videos, she even posits that professional sex workers are struggling to make ends meet because college girls are “giving it away to any boy who comes up with a mop and a bucket.”

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In another recent video from Sister Cindy on TikTok, she’s wearing a black long sleeve shirt that says “Hell is hot. Don’t be a thot." For those who might be unaware of what the word “thot” means, it’s a derogatory nickname for someone who chooses to have multiple sexual partners.

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In another video, she takes a more serious approach while speaking with Missouri State University students. In her talk, she touts that college isn't the place for kids to go if they want to have sex and be party animals. She says it should be the place people go to get an education and live for God.

Obviously, Sister Cindy's ideas are controversial. In the background of the video, there are students booing her, critical of what she has to say. Instead of acknowledging the criticism, Sister Cindy remains steadfast in her religious message.

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Is Sister Cindy on Instagram?

Sister Cindy’s social media fame doesn’t end on TikTok — she’s also doing her best to gain traction on Instagram. She currently has 15,400 followers on the 'gram, where she posts a lot of biblical content laced with jokes.

On Instagram, she provides a link to the website she shares with her husband, Brother Jed. On the website, fans can access merchandise, Bibles, the chance to “get roasted" by sister Cindy herself, and weekly Bible study clips.

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