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People Are Sharing the Backhanded Compliments They've Received That Are Really Just Insults



Has anyone ever said something to you that has initially made you think it was a compliment, but the more you think about it, you're sure it was an insult? This whole Twitter thread is about people sharing those, as Lisa McGee calls them, "sly digs" that people have said to you that seem like they're supposed to be nice when they start talking and then just end up making you feel terrible. 

Some are...more subtle...if you will, than others, but these comments are all wild in their own, special way.

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Lisa started off the thread with this comment that I sort of can't believe a man actually said to her. But then again, it feels naive to think that a man wouldn't say something so outwardly insulting and condescending. Yikes. I hope she punched him in the face!

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Probably the most famous person to respond to Lisa's question was Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, who had to endure this barb from an "acquaintance" I really hope she's no longer acquainted with in any capacity. Imagine telling the author of Harry Potter that her success means you should definitely write a children's book because you'd do it much better than she did.

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Ayesha is a writer and speaker who no doubt worked very hard for her success, and to be reduced to a "diversity hire" by this guy is just so incredibly gross. If I were her, I would respond, "'People like me?' What do you mean by that? Successful people? Articulate people? Smart people? Please, tell me what you mean by 'people like you.'"

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Obviously, the correct answer here would have been to say, "What are you talking about?! You're very handsome!" But instead, a friend said, "Sure, you're ugly, yes, you're hideous, but there are tons of ugly people who act, so you'll be fine." 

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This one devastated me. I can just imagine what it would have been like to be 15 years old, dealing with puberty and girl drama and high school, and getting this book from a friend. On your birthday. I'd want to run away and cry. The single Pennywise balloon is quite appropriate here as that friend is clearly straight-up evil.

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The things that people will say to each other are baffling. Is she supposed to take that as a compliment? Emily explains that she has burn scars and disfigurements, so it's "low-hanging fruit," but that in no way means she should have to deal with comments like that. 

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The things that people feel entitled to say to people with scars are abhorrent! I want to sit this person down and interview them in depth about what they believed they were achieving with a comment like this and if they can understand why they come off like a complete monster. 

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Mothers of ex-girlfriends are notorious for their "sly digs" and I have to admit, this is a spicy one. They know how to really dig into someone with so few words. I bet the smirk that accompanied this comment was unparalleled. 

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Who says something like that?! "I bet you feel really lucky to be going out with me...considering I'm really amazing and you're kinda plain," is basically what he was saying. That level of cockiness should not be allowed to exist.

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People need to listen to themselves and think about the words that are coming out of their mouths for, like, one second. Even one second of thinking would have made this person realize that they were basically calling this woman ugly. 

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The fact that this person is a mystery lurker is bonkers to me. He will never forget that comment but he will also never knew who said it to him. It could be anyone! A stranger, a close friend... I wonder if he can look at his family members the same way anymore.

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Um. What. How did they not take this paper straight to the professor and say, "Hey, how does this comment correspond with this grade?" I would need to know. 

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I'm sure this friend meant to say, "You're very talented!" but what she actually said was, "You're not nice! Like, at all! Like, you're really mean, so all that work you're getting definitely isn't because you're nice because you are the opposite of nice."

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Her student! Her student dared to say this to her. What a bold move. I have to assume that the school year was over or something because I would not imply that my teacher was ugly when she still had control over my grade.

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OK, I love this one. Gerry was probably (hopefully?) making a joke, and I can imagine that he was just trying to be funny. Seems like a line he uses all the time. I don't know if it works, necessarily, but it seems like part of his whole schtick.

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