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The "Space Force" Uniform Just Debuted and the Memes Are Glorious



Trump's "Space Force" has been a hot, albeit hilarious, topic of conversation for a while before it kind of just became a joke and something for visitors to Trump Tower to buy as a souvenir.

But now the White House has debuted the look of the Space Force uniforms, and people can't stop cracking up at the outfits. Because they're camouflage.

Just take a look.

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The uniform looks like regular camouflage military fatigues, which had a lot of people wondering just why in the world you'd need green and brown and tan clothes in outer space.

People immediately started making good points.

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It would make a lot more sense for the outfit to be black and dotted out with stars if you're trying to blend into your environment.


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Lots of people kept making the same exact points. Bonus points if they wore combat masks that looked like aliens.

I got your space trees right here ...

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That's a marijuana joke in there somewhere. But then again you can't really light up in space ... maybe vape?

Tim is right.

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No, tree camo won't work. Unless you're trying to look like a tree in space, then yes, it will work.

The Great Plains of Space.

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Why didn't they just give them cool space suits? Or like an astronaut suit with white and grey camouflage? 

In addition to 'Star Wars' references ...

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There were just straight-up Harrison Ford ones, which is cool. There's always room for more Harrison Ford.

Mike Judge references are appropriate.

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People have been saying that Idiocracy was upon us even when Trump was campaigning. I'm not gonna get all political— but yeah, camouflage uniforms in space is kinda dumb.

Of course someone brought up Endor.

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Even then, you'd figure that the uniforms would be a whole lot shaggier. You know, 'cause of the Ewoks and stuff.

If they ever go to Mars ...

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I think they should definitely adopt the sand people's outfit. As terrifying as that mask is, I think it's important to strike fear into the hearts of your extraterrestrial foes.

Sigh ... yet another Endor reference.

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Everyone had the same exact joke. Then again, the movie is called Star Wars.

Custom patches.

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Let's hope all of those enlisted in the Space Force are really, really into cats.

Or they're very optimistic about their hide-and-seek skills.

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Then again, I shouldn't really talk. I was the one who always swore that my fat a-- couldn't be seen from behind the living room curtain.

I live for Zardoz references.

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If you've never seen this movie, then I highly suggest you check out this wonderful intro sequence.

I wish this kind of camo uniform existed. Please tell me that it does.

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What I don't get is where the helmets are at. They're going up in space, I'm pretty sure cotton fatigues aren't exactly the best choice for such a venture.

Gotta get them started young.

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Quick question a friend of mine has — certainly not me — does this particular outfit come in an adult's size?

Yeah, the U.S. military will commission a uniform like this ...

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... when pigs fly. Get it?!

This is probably what's going to happen ...

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I mean, when you put it like that and get all logical about it, then, yeah. It's actually a brilliant design.

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