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Source: istock/distractify

These Hilarious Hump Day Memes Will Make Your Wednesday Feel Practically Like a Thursday

By Pippa Raga

TGI… JK, it’s only Wednesday... Monday has passed (thank goodness) but Friday still seems so far away. You feel exhausted, but a glimmer of hope is kindled inside as you look towards the quickly approaching weekend.

Science has shown that Wednesdays live in the middle part of our brains, in a space that inspires joy and hope, but at the same time exhaustion and woe. And that’s why we have Wednesday memes. 

Wednesday memes are a great way to forget the dreadful first two days of the week. They are a celebration of the fact that Friday is a mere two days away. They are the inspiration you need to get through the rest of this hump day.

Scroll down for a collection of memes you can share with your suffering coworkers to make the day go by just a little faster.

1. When you’re excellent at logic.

Source: Instagram