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These Hilarious Memes Will Prove Why Tuesday Is the Worst Day of the Week

By Gabrielle Bernardini

Congratulations, you've made it past Monday. You are one day closer to the weekend. Now, you can officially start planning what you'll be doing this Friday night. However, you can't get too stoked for the weekend because let's be honest, it's still only Tuesday.

Does it feel like your Monday was a full week rolled into one? We have a meme for that. Is your patience already wearing thin with one of your coworkers, and you don't know how you'll pull it together for the rest of the week? Well, we have the meme for your office bestie. To help offset your Monday blues from rolling into Tuesday, we rounded up some hilarious memes that you can send to your friends, or at least to the coworkers you actually like.

Scroll through these memes below to help lighten your Tuesday mood! By the time you're finished, it'll already feel like Friday ... well, maybe not. But hey, it may be time for your lunch break!