Details of SSSniperwolf Getting Charged With Armed Robbery Swirls Amid Jacksfilms Drama

Following YouTuber SSSniperwolf's unannounced visit to Jacksfilms house, details of her getting charged with armed robbery in 2013 spread and cause concern.

Anthony Jones - Author

Oct. 17 2023, Published 6:27 p.m. ET

Image of YouTuber SSSniperwolf reacting to a video.
Source: YouTube

The Gist:

  • In 2013, SSSniperwolf was arrested for an armed robbery charge. A public record of this incident was published on under her real name, Alia Shelesh.
  • According to Redditors, the YouTuber was shoplifting, and when approached by an undercover security guard, she attacked him.
  • She was arrested again in 2016 with her boyfriend Evan Sausage for disorderly conduct fighting charges.
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SSSniperwolf, otherwise called Alia Shelesh, is a popular YouTuber stirring up a ton of controversy as of late. Following her unsolicited visit to Jacksfilms’ house after their beef started, many weighed in on her behavior, accusing her of doxxing Jacksfilms family.

Soon after, the internet started discussing SSSniperwolf’s past, uncovering a situation where she got charged with armed robbery in 2013.

This has caused some concern for Jacksfilms and paints SSSniperwolf in a totally new light that some never knew.

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SSSniperwolf reportedly attacked a security guard while shoplifting and was charged with armed robbery in 2013.

Cited on, an outlet focused on content revolving around crimes, SSSniperwolf received an armed robbery charge in Maricopa County, Arizona. The charge comes from an incident in 2013, where SSSniperwolf was reportedly shoplifting, and when approached by an undercover security guard, she attacked them.

Image of YouTuber SSSniperwolf talking to fans in video.
Source: YouTube
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According to a Redditor, this version of the situation is one SSSniperwolf is “trying to promote” and her “significant other at the time was involved in the incident as well.” It’s unclear what the whole truth is on the matter.

Has SSSniperwolf ever been arrested?

Despite details being uncertain, SSSniperwolf was arrested for that armed robbery charge. In 2016, she was arrested again with her boyfriend Evan Sausage for disorderly conduct fighting charges.

SSSniperwolf actually clarified what happened in her last arrest in a 2016 YouTube video. She claimed her neighbors overheard her and Sausage arguing and screaming, leading those next door to call the cops.

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“We were just talking about how stupid and unlucky and unfortunate this whole situation was because we just wanted to get frozen yogurt,” SSSniperworlf said in the video.

She hasn't been arrested since 2016. Creating buzz alongside her previous arrests is an old clip of her asking teens to twerk on Omegle to get a peek at her breasts. The clip seemingly emerged as people learned about her armed robbery situation and visit to Jacksfilms' house.

Those who've watched the clip are now wanting her to get "deplatformed" from YouTube and the old footage could potentially spiral into something more serious since minors were involved. As of now, the ball is in YouTube's court on the fate of this creator.

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