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Source: LucasFilm

Here's the Order for Binge-Watching All the 'Star Wars' Movies Before 'Skywalker' Comes Out


Star Wars fans now have more content than ever to digest thanks to The Mandalorian now on Disney+. In addition to the "main" films in the series, there have also been other spin-off films and TV shows that also occur in the same universe. But these "sequels" don't always follow a straight linear pattern, leaving some viewers a bit confused.

What order do the Star Wars movies occur in terms of storyline?

So the question audiences have is: what order of movies does the Star Wars storyline follow?

1. Episode I - The Phantom Menace

Pod races. Tons of CGI. Liam Neeson. A hardcore parkour Sith and Ewan McGregor pulling off the best Obi Wan Kenobi ever, not to mention a hated, goofy character who may be an in-the-closet evil mastermind, this is the Star Wars film that sets off the cinematic universe of films. It's also profoundly boring up until that last, drawn-out lightsaber battle.