All the Major (and Shocking) 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' Spoilers You May or May Not Want to Read

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Aug. 1 2020, Updated 2:33 a.m. ET

Source: Disney

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the third and final installment of the recent trilogy, hits theaters in less than two weeks. Episode 9 marks the end of our story with Rey and the gang. Will we finally learn who Rey's parents are? We've been speculating from Day 1, but the theories have only grown more wild since. In fact, if you go to Reddit, you can read an alleged script of The Rise of Skywalker. Here are some key spoilers we learned (these aren't confirmed to be true, so please take everything with a grain of salt — also, read at your own risk).

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1. Leia helps Rey train to become a Jedi.

Supposedly, Leia helps Rey finish her Jedi training on Ajan Kloss. During their training sessions, it's revealed that Rey is better with her physical powers than her mental ones, and that she harbors a lot of anger. At one point, Rey accidentally cuts down a tree, which falls on BB-8 and hurts him. Rey feels like she's undeserving of her lightsaber, so she gives it to Leia.

2. Palpatine is definitely back from the dead.

Palpatine is back and he never died. Kylo is taken to the Unknown Regions as well as a planet called Exogol. It's there that he sees Snoke clones, which are supposed mean that Palpatine has been in charge and in power all these years. And he's also determined to lead Kylo Ren back into the past, telling him that the past is the "key to the future." Palpatine says after he was defeated at Endor, he went to the Unknown Regions in order to rebuild his Empire. Palpatine tells Kylo that he needs Rey and order hims to bring her to him. This entire time, Palpatine has been kidnapping children and training them as soldiers who will help him defeat the Resistance. 

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3. Leia's last words to Rey are, "tell me when you get back."

rey leia
Source: Disney

Rey and Leia never see each other again. Leia dies, but it's unclear how. 

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4. It turns out Rey has secret healing powers.

Rey heals a worm-like creature, which proves she has great healing powers she wasn't even aware of.

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5. Rey possibly kills a lot of innocent people and character faves, including Chewbacca.

Source: Disney

Except that it turns out Chewie is still alive thank GOD. A bunch of characters are taken hostage in a transport ship. During a battle with Kylo Ren, Rey shifts her focus to try and bring the ship back but it ends up crashing. Rey is super upset by what she did, and she collapses in defeat. 

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6. Someone named Ochee killed Rey's parents with a dagger.

Kylo and Rey do their mind-sharing thing, and it's revealed that Ochee was sent by someone to murder Rey's parents, who were trying to hide her. Ochee was actually in search of Rey, not her parents. Rey was left as an orphan on Jakku.

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7. Rey is related to Palpatine.

Source: Disney

Rey makes contact with the dagger that killed her parents, and by touching it, she's able to see what actually happened to them. Kylo tells Rey there's a lot more to her family than she thinks. They have another confrontation, and Kylo finally tells her that she's related to Palpatine. In fact...possibly his granddaughter?! 

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8. Hux was a spy for the Resistance.

Hux, who has been working for the First Order this whole time, is revealed to be a mole. He's killed by Pryde for committing treason.

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9. Palpatine wants Rey to kill him so she absorbs his power and takes over for him as Emperor.

rey lightsaber

It was Palpatine's plan this whole time to put Rey in power, to take over as Emperor. She needs to kill him in order for this to happen, but she resists, even though he tells her that if she kills him, then she'll have the power to save her friends (this is very reminiscent of what happened with Anakin and Padme — Anakin turned to the dark side because he was promised he'd be able to save Padme from a certain death from childbirth). 

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10. Palpatine kills Kylo Ren (after Kylo sacrifices himself for Rey).


Kylo is allegedly blasted into the ether. (Maybe he'll end up surviving like Palpatine did though, who knows?) 

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11. Rey ends up destroying Palpatine and all of the Sith lords with the Force.

Finally, the Empire has been taken down. 

The whole plot is pretty ridiculous, but not totally unbelievable. We'll have to see for ourselves when The Rise of Skywalker comes out in theaters December 20.

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