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Source: Instagram

15 Tattoos That Could Only Happen in 2019


A tattoo is often something a person plans for years. After all, it's a permanent mark on your skin. But as a haver of tattoos, I can attest that you get a little less precious about each tattoo you get, until eventually you're like "sure, I want to have a flash-in-the-man pop culture reference on my forearm forever.

Now I'm not saying the tattoo recipients on this list are going to regret their decision to get the following ink, I will say it's very clear these are not the kinds of tattoos that had years of planning, because they're all based on things that happened in the past year. Years from now, they won't even have to tell people the year they got them done — we'll all know.

Baby Yerrrda

Source: Instagram

It's one thing to get a Star Wars tattoo; that's an enduring franchise that has been around for over 40 years. However, I'm less sure about the staying power of Baby Yerrda, a meme where Baby (AKA 50-year-old) Yoda from The Mandalorian is dressed in a North Face puffer jacket and a Yankees cap. Still, that's a pretty cute tat.