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20 Tattoos That Could Have Used a Second Pair of Eyes


I got my first tattoo at age 30, and boy am I glad I waited. I shudder to think of having any of the tattoos I contemplated getting in my teens and 20s on my body now. While the miracle of laser technology does make it possible to erase a tattoo you regret, it's certainly not easy — or cheap — so you really should give it some careful thought. And a spell check. 

Here are 20 people who probably should have asked for input from just one sober person before hitting the tattoo parlor. A sober person with a dictionary and some common sense.

No ragrets!

Source: reddit

I'm guessing she meant "Don't let the past make your decisions for today" — but I'm not sure I agree with that advice, even if it were spelled and punctuated right. What I can say with confidence is she should have let her future make her decision the day she got this tattoo because yikes. (Cool Waldo tattoo, though!)