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20 Tattoos That Could Have Used a Second Pair of Eyes



I got my first tattoo at age 30, and boy am I glad I waited. I shudder to think of having any of the tattoos I contemplated getting in my teens and 20s on my body now. While the miracle of laser technology does make it possible to erase a tattoo you regret, it's certainly not easy — or cheap — so you really should give it some careful thought. And a spell check. 

Here are 20 people who probably should have asked for input from just one sober person before hitting the tattoo parlor. A sober person with a dictionary and some common sense.

No ragrets!

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I'm guessing she meant "Don't let the past make your decisions for today" — but I'm not sure I agree with that advice, even if it were spelled and punctuated right. What I can say with confidence is she should have let her future make her decision the day she got this tattoo because yikes. (Cool Waldo tattoo, though!)

Placement is key.

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These two tattoos on their own are pretty great. That's a sick portrait of Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, and there's nothing wrong with the AC/DC logo. It's their placement so close to each other that makes this a total fail, making it look like this guy thinks Freddie is known for singing "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap."



I'm 90 percent sure this was meant as a loving tribute to a grandpa who had a love of riding motorcycles. However, this tattoo could be misconstrued by a dirty mind as being super super inappropriate.

Let's hope they were being ironic.


Personally, I think irony is risky when it comes to tattooing, but it's the only explanation for this tattoo, which looks like it was drawn on by a fourth grader with remedial spelling skills.

Dyslexia and body art don't mix.

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I would bet good money this unfortunate Metallica fan got this done in prison. And I suppose when you're sleeping on a thin prison cot, it's true that nothing else mattress — not even the proper spelling of your favorite metal band.

When you let Borat do your tattoo.

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Well, the good news is, this one is fairly easy to fix — he just has to go back and add "a" after the word "is." But it makes you wonder what kind of karma the bearer of this tattoo is carrying around to deserve a tattoo artist who's this inattentive.

English is this person's first language...

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It seems having a poor grasp of the King's English isn't just a product of poor schooling in the U.S. This extremely proud person Northern Irishman apparently could have spent a bit more time learning the difference between "are" and "our."

Thank goodness they found each other.

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These two lovebirds apparently found themselves a tattoo gun on craigslist and decided to make it official. It's clear they knew about as much about tattooing as they do about spelling, but this truly proves there's a lid for every pot. I hope those crazy kids made it work.

Nice save.

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Guys, leave him alone — he did it that way on purpose. Once he has seen and conquered, he will get it fixed. Here's hoping while he's conquering he saves up enough money for laser removal, because there's no way to turn a capital E into an I.

A lot of problems with this one.

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Where do we start. It's spelled wrong, a word is missing, and the placement seems off. Even though you're not supposed to wear a rosary as a necklace, the design of this looks like it's supposed to be around his neck but then he chickened out and asked for it on his chest. The one saving grace is this way he can hide it with a shirt.

Well, he loves it, and that's all that matters.

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Judging from the caption on this Insta story update, I'm guessing the bearer of this tattoo isn't on to get bogged down in details like spelling and grammar. Or the shape of hearts. But hey, clearly a happy customer regardless.

If only they texted the friend before...

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I totally get wanting to get a tattoo to honor a loved one who has passed away — but, hoo boy, this one could have used some outside input. It looks like it was drawn on with a marker by a little kid. Plus, I gotta say, this sounds more menacing and homicidal than sweet and loving. Maybe I watch too much true crime.

Friends don't let friends tattoo drunk.

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There's no logical explanation for this tattoo other than all parties involved being heavily intoxicated through the entire process. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be "Thunder only happens when it's raining," which is a line from the song, "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac. But get your old pal tequila in the mix and up with "Thuuder Only Happens Wlen its Raisinl" on your butt for life.

Don't get tatted on painkillers...

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Oof, this one hurts, and not just because of the gnarly scar it surrounds. Apparently the girl was a wee bit high on pain meds for the injury this tattoo commemorated. I guess while stitches can't fix everything, a little arrow pointing to where the missing Y belongs will?

Spacing is important.

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Anyone who has worked with typography will tell you it's crucial to ensure the kerning of your text is just right. Otherwise, you can lead to some unfortunate confusion when two separate words like "pen" and "is" become one.

So glad it's is not my tattoo.

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It's pretty sad when you have a six-word tattoo and three of them are wrong. That's a 50 percent success rate. In case you're not familiar with hair bands of the 1980s, the quote should be "it's my life," and that band is called Bon Jovi.

It's a good thing you don't life forever.

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It's true, you only life once. And now, random person who got this regrettable tattoo, you're going to have to life with this mistake for the rest of your live.

Ain't it sad?

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Angel seems to be one of the most frequently misspelled words in tattoos. Usually I see "angle," so this is a new one. You'd think by now that all tattoo parlors would have someone to spellcheck designs, but judging from the quality of this work, this doesn't exactly seem like a top-notch establishment.

Don't ask her for directions.

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Not all who wonder are lost, but it's safe to say this person gets lost frequently unless they're headed north. I thought I had a bad sense of direction, but now I'm not feeling so bad about poor navigation skills.

How is bad tattoo formed?

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Back in the early days of internet meme culture, we had the hilarious goldmine of content that is Yahoo Answers, where people would crowdsource answers to all manner of questions. And one post that reached viral fame asked "how is babby formed?" and "how girl get pragnent." I think we may finally be one step closer to discovering the identity of that inquisitive soul.

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