Beef on the Timeline: Steak-umm Tweets at Neil deGrasse Tyson to "Log off Bro"

Sara Belcher - Author

Apr. 13 2021, Updated 3:43 p.m. ET

Neil deGrasse Tyson and Steak-umm
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Frozen meat company Steak-umm has some, ahem, beef with controversial astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. The brand, which often trends for its self-aware tweets and threads, decided to pick an internet fight with Neil over a tweet he posted about science. Apparently, in the year 2021, a frozen beef brand will gladly debate the validity of science on the timeline.

This isn't the first time the brand has had a feud with Neil online — though Twitter users are thoroughly enjoying it.

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Steak-umm called out Neil deGrasse Tyson for a tweet about science.

On April 11, Neil tweeted, "The good thing about Science [sic] is that it's true, whether or not you believe in it." Of course, the replies to this tweet were filled with people refuting Neil's point, referring to instances in which previously believed claims were proven and then disproven by science as it evolved. But Steak-umm wanted its call-out to be a bit more direct.

"Log off bro," the meat company quote-tweeted in response.

steak umm
Source: Twitter
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"The irony of Neil's tweet is that by framing science itself as 'true' he's influencing people to be more skeptical of it in a time of unprecedented misinformation," the beef brand's thread continues. "Science is an ever refining process to find truth, not a dogma. No matter his intent, this message isn't helpful."

When one follower asked about the "beef" the company had with the astrophysicist, Steam-umm replied, "Just sick of Neil's games."

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This isn't the first time the company has feuded with Neil. In 2018, Neil posted a tweet that managed to upset the frozen meat seller over an anagram.

"Mind Blown [sic] yet today? How about: The *thirteen* letters of 'eleven plus two,' when rearranged, also spells 'twelve plus one,'" Neil tweeted in an attempt to impress his followers. 

"Who cares," Steak-umm replied, clearly unimpressed.

While Neil has not publicly responded to the brand's arguments against his claim, he did tweet out a link to his own article, titled, "What Science Is, and How and Why It Works" from 2016, as well as a link to purchase a face mask with the original tweet on it.

Of course, Steak-umm hasn't stopped its conversation, continuing to tweet out counterpoints (and meat-related memes about the feud).

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Steak-umm is known for its transparent and thread-worthy social media presence.

The Steak-umm Twitter account has been known for being overly transparent online, going as far as to create an entire thread acknowledging that brands only take political and social stances because it benefits them financially in the end. 

"Obligatory thread to remind people that we’re a brand selling products ( check it out) so everything we do is based in self-interest to grow our business," the brand tweeted at the end of its Neil rant. "Steak-umm bless."

Some of the brand's previous self-aware threads include how to understand the difference between rules and exceptions in data science, a "brief beef rant on 'niceness,'" and how to share your views online.

One follower commented on Steak-umm's Neil thread, "You must have changed social media personnel."

"Nope," the brand replied. "Neil just posts ridiculous sound bites like this for clout and he has no respect for epistemology."

Steak-umm's timeline presence is just as real as it claims its meat is.

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