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Guy Pretends to Get Stood up on Valentine's to Score Free Food



We've all been stood up by someone once or twice in our time. And perhaps the worst time to get stood up is on Valentine's Day. But last week, Twitter user Stephen Bonser, also known as @baconflavoring, saw getting stood up as a potential for a free meal. 

On Thursday, Stephen decided to go to Outback Steakhouse alone on Valentines Day, with the intention of pretending he was getting stood up on a date, to see whether the restaurant or a fellow diner would actually pay for his dinner. 

Stephen's plan was to get progressively sadder as the night went on until someone offered to pay. It all began by asking for a table for two...

Stephen even went as far as recording a fake voice message from his non-existent date. 

But to pass on the good will of the couple that paid for his meal, Stephen decided to donate $50 to the American Civil Liberties Union. 

As well as a $20 tip for his server. 

Reactions to the experiment have been mixed. With one user writing: 

"Should’ve tipped more [to be honest]. That’s a long time to take up a table on one of the busiest nights of the year (especially considering tips tend to be more generous on Valentine’s Day, too)"

Another user made a similar statement:  "This dork probably cost some server a lot of tip money they could have made on other tables on the busiest night of the year for internet likes." 

Others were more receptive of the idea. "I feel like you're the hero we don't deserve," a commenter wrote. 

Another user added: "Some of you need to loosen up and relax. This guy had a little fun, and used some creativity to gauge the kindness of humanity. I wish more of our youth was this creative. Well done sir!"

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