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15 Signs That Cleverly Display Stores' Mask Policies for Customers



Two camps are forming in the United States: pro-maskers and anti-maskers. And as businesses reopen, they too seem to fall firmly on one side or the other. Because wearing masks has been proven to be an effective way to curb the spread of COVID-19, many pro-mask business owners and companies are now requiring all customers to wear masks when they step inside their stores. And some of these stores have very clever (or brutally honest) ways of expressing to customers that masks are now necessary. These are some of our favorite "Wear a mask!" signs.

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If the "Ice, Ice Baby" rap doesn't get you, the all caps and bolded "NO MASK NO ENTRY" should get the point across. But the Vanilla Ice verse is much cleverer. 

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This sign, which was spotted in Missoula, Mont., is incredible. It's true. If you refuse to wear a mask at this point, you're basically saying you don't care about other people. 

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This vintage shop tried to put up a polite, nice sign requesting that customers wear masks, but when that didn't work, they got real. If the prospect of getting other customers or store employees sick doesn't do it for you, maybe the prospect of being responsible for your own grandmother's death will do the trick.

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This might just be me, but I don't even remember the real words to this song. "We Will Rock You" by Queen has always been about wearing face masks as far as I'm concerned. 

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"Grow up, Karen!" is such a beautifully concise and devastating blow to all those people who are whining about having to wear masks. For those you think it's somehow a violation of their "rights," The Dirty Buffalo has one message for you: "Grow. Up." 

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This hardware store has had it up to here with people not wearing masks in their store. This might not be the most clever sign of the bunch, but it is definitely the most exasperated. Just wear the mask. Just do it. It's not a big deal. And it could save lives.

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Don't be a Jack Torrance and go sticking your unmasked face where it doesn't belong. The fact that people need instructions on how to responsibly interact with each other four months into a pandemic is quite disheartening!

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What we really need is Gandalf to be in charge of who gets to go in and out of stores and offices. If you're not wearing a mask, sorry, but YOU SHALL NOT PASS! 

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Wow, I've never wanted to get a sign about wearing masks tattooed on my forehead more than this one. The only regrettable thing about this sign is that signs can't do mic drops at the end. 

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This one is simple, but I imagine it's very effective. I would do a lot for tacos, including wearing a mask. Heck, I would wear several if that's what I had to do for some tacos. I imagine other people would too. 

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Another extremely good argument. Ruth Bader Ginsburg needs our protection, and that's as good a reason as any to wear a mask when you're in a public space, even if you probably won't run into her.

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I don't know about you, but I would definitely rather wear a mask inside a store than have to get my temperature taken...rectally. Like, a thousand times over. I bet this store doesn't have many problems with anti-maskers.

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In addition to having to wearing a mask, you can't enter this store if you have symptoms of COVID-19, racism, or homophobia. That eliminates way too much of the population, unfortunately.

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A layer of cloth over your mouth and nose is nothing compared to not being able to breathe and having to be put on a ventilator. One does a good job of preventing the other. Maybe choose the minor inconvenience over the fight for your life!

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Wow, this café is right. It is all about choices. And that is certainly a choice if I ever saw one. But hey, if you're not willing to wear a mask, the management of the MeWow café is going to make sure everyone — and I mean everyone — notices.

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