Vintage Shop Posts Brutally Honest Sign About Wearing Masks

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Jul. 3 2020, Updated 7:59 a.m. ET

The owners and operators of Antique Sugar, a vintage shop in Phoenix, Arizona, had just about heard enough from customers complaining about not wanting to wear masks. The store opened back up in the beginning of June even though Arizona had become a hotspot for COVID-19. 

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In a comment on Facebook, they write that when they originally opened, they had originally posted a sign that said, "Thank you for wearing a mask. Help us stay healthy so we can stay open." But that polite, positive note wasn't enough. People would still come in and argue, so they got understandably frustrated and took it to a different level. 

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Now, in big bold letters over three pieces of paper, the sign reads, "If you choose not to wear a mask, we respectfully ask that you postpone your visit. We'll be happy to debate the efficacy of masks with you when this is all over and you come in to sell your dead grandmother's clothes. TL;DR Masks Required."

You have to admit, it's a good sign. People who don't wear masks are only putting other people's lives at risk. This store is trying to be there for its customers. They just want have a simple request in return. Wear. A. Mask.

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The sign went completely viral, garnering more than 83,000 retweets and 360,000 likes on Twitter. People started flocking to the shop's Facebook page to leave positive comments on their posts. 

"Absolutely love your response to all the people who can't comply with a courteous request to wear a mask," one person wrote. "Frightening how many people just don't get it! 

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"Sadly some people have to be hit over the head before they get it. All your responses were on point and most likely far more respectful than those who argued with you. You're the best! Hope you're getting lots of business."

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"Thank you so much for caring enough about others' safety and lives by requiring masks (and for putting up with ignorance). My sister lives in Phoenix and I've told her about your store and have encouraged her to tell others," another person wrote.

It seems that getting fed up and getting real about needing their customers to wear masks is exactly what's going to bring more (responsible! masked!) people to Antique Sugar. In fact, the feedback has been so positive that they sent a message of gratitude to their friends and customers on Instagram.

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It seems that ever since their sign went viral, they have been inundated with orders, not to mention support! This is the way to support small businesses!

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Some other places are, unfortunately, taking their signs in the opposite direction. A Texas bar actually banned people from wearing masks, their sign reading, "Due to our concern for our customers, if they FEEL (not think) that they need to wear a mask, they should stay home until they FEEL that it's safe to be in public without one. Sorry, No Mask Allowed."

Of course, wearing a mask has proven one of the most effective ways to shut down the spread of COVID-19, and for the vast majority of people, having a bit of cloth over their nose and mouth doesn't impede their ability to move or breathe one bit. It seems like a no-brainer that everyone should wear them in public, and if you want to enter a store like Antique Sugar, you're going to have to.

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