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Movie Theaters Are Using Funny Signs to Encourage People to Stay Home



With social distancing measures in place, movie theaters and concert venues all around the United States have been forced to close. That's left huge marquees empty. But many theaters have chosen to use their marquees to share messages encouraging people to stay home and clever punny messages designed to make us laugh. Here are 20 of our favorite ones.

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Dr. Esther Choo prompted the sharing of these signs when she posted a few pictures of Lake Theater's marquee from Lake Oswego in Oregon. With this sign, they're encouraging people to stay home and watch movies, like Portrait of a Lady on Fire, on streaming services like Hulu!

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Lake Theater might be closed, but they're with you in spirit while you stay home, cook dinner, and watch movies. After all, what else are you supposed to do while quarantined? 

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We have no idea at this point when we will be able to sit in movie theaters again. It might be a while, and it might never look quite the same. Until then, do like Jordan, the general manager of the Lake Theater and Café, and eat a package of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. It will make you feel better. 

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One more from Lake Theater: Weirdly, Contagion, the movie about a highly contagious global pandemic, is one of the top-viewed titles on Netflix these days. Beats me why someone would want to watch what we are basically going through. That Coming Soon attraction, though. That one I am excited for.

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Very clever, very clever! Although I would absolutely be annoyed by a sequel called, Still Ferris Bueller's Day Off. As a rule follower to the bone, that movie makes me deeply anxious. 

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Did I ever think I would burst into tears at the sight of a theater marquee that didn't have my name on it? No. But these are unprecedented times. And so, here we are.

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Stand By Me But Six Feet Away sounds like a Saturday Night Live sketch that didn't quite make it to air. I don't think that anyone really wants to watch that movie.

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The Face Mask of Zorro! Funny! Too bad Zorro's mask only covers his eyes and won't do anything to stop the spread of the coronavirus! This gem comes from the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.

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The Colonial Theatre is also responsible for this gem, The Social Distance Network. I am concerned about what Aaron Sorkin's elaborate walking and talking scenes would look like with at least six feet between each character. Might not work. 

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This sign from the State Theatre in Traverse City, Michigan is too real. Many parents who are trying to teach and entertain their kids during this thing feel totally trapped. I do not envy them, and their situation is definitely not as fun as The Parent Trap

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The Unmasked Movie Goer and No Close Encounters of Any Kind are pretty funny, but "Cinema Is Closed Until Life Doesn't Feel Like a Bad Movie" hit me right in the gut. Like, when will that be?!

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This movie theater in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles is using pertinent movie quotes to help their neighbors get through the tough times. Peter Sellers' quote from Being There is a particular favorite of mine.

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So this Back to the Future quote might not be as eloquent as some others featured, but it gets the point across. Stay home, or there could be "serious repercussions on future events." A very important message.

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The Loft Cinema in Tucson, Arizona wants everyone to know that though they might not be open, they're right there with us throughout this whole thing. That's enough to make me feel a little better. 

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The Sunrise Theater in Southern Pines, North Carolina employs Arnold's most famous phrase to let everyone know that they may be closed for now, but they'll be back. I like this one.

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The Lyric Theater in Blacksburg, Virginia is not mincing words when it comes to their quarantine messaging. Sometimes, people will only respond to tough love if it comes from giant marquees, so I respect this move. 

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Another Lyric Theater is taking a straightforward approach to their messaging as well. A good reminder for everyone now, and always. Wash your hands! 

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The Park Theater in Front Royal, Virginia wants everyone to know that even though we are physically apart, we are together in spirit, and that's a beautiful thing. There's so much bad news every single day. It's comforting to know that most people are good. Most people are here for each other. 

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The Kings Theatre in Flatbush, Brooklyn is sending out a similar message. This holds extra weight in New York, a city and state that has been hit extremely hard by the virus. 


The Vista Theater in Los Angeles sends a short, sweet, and optimistic message to the neighborhood. "To be continued..." means that we will continue! We'll be back in movie theater seats someday. Life will move forward, one way or another. 

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