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Source: istock

Neighbor Installs Strobe Light to Give Epileptic Children Seizures


This Redditor's story about an angry neighbor getting revenge on epileptic schoolchildren has people in utter shock and disbelief.

Neighborly disputes are probably as old as humankind itself. You know that thousands of years ago, there were some cavemen who were pissed off that Gronk wouldn't clean the mastodon bones from in front of whatever mountain-hole he dwelled in. Who knows? Cave paintings could've very well been the first form of graffiti and vandalism.

In terms of pettiness, things can also go from 0-100 very, very quickly in neighborhoods as well. This person's upset at that person's dog pooping in their lawn. So they call the cops on the most minute things: overnight parking when they have guests over, calling in noise complaints whenever there's a party, or hooking up some paint dye to their water supply so they end up looking like Paul Giamatti from Big Fat Liar.

Then there are neighbors who go from "petty" to "psychotic." Maybe the folks next door are so sick of your dog barking at the mailman that they decide to toss over some steaks laced with cyanide to shut your pooch up. Or they slash your car tires in the middle of the night.

Or they decide to turn their neighborly angst against your children. Like this person did when they installed strobe lights on their front lawn.