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Source: Getty

Summer Walker Used to Run a Cleaning Service, but Now She Collabs With Usher


Most of us in the working world have a main hustle, and then maybe a side hustle, second job, or hobby. And R&B superstar, Summer Walker, was no exception until this past year. Until she made it big, the 23-year-old singer-songwriter ran a cleaning service just to make ends meet, while singing was her side-hustle, hobby, and passion. But now that Summer has finally found the fame she deserves, singing is both her passion and main hustle.

Less than two years before the "Over It" singer released her debut album back in October 2019, Summer Walker's cleaning service was her full-time paid job. And even though music is what she lives for, Summer not-so-secretly misses the solitude of scrubbing. So here's everything you need to know about Summer Walker's cleaning service.