Taco Bell DoorDash Delivery Driver
Source: Getty | TikTok | @Kriscobain93

Angry Taco Bell Employee Kicks Doordash Driver Out of Drive-Thru in Viral TikTok


Nov. 9 2021, Updated 9:08 p.m. ET

We're living in a pretty great time for finding gainful employment. Sure, we might not be able to secure our dream job by just tapping away on our smartphones for a few minutes, but if you needed a side hustle or two, there are a litany of different options available to you that'll allow you to make sure extra money as long as you have a reliable form of transportation.

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Delivery services like Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and tons of others allow folks to work virtually whenever they want. Depending on the area one lives in, it's possible to make a decent amount of money on certain days/times. But the rise of the gig economy, especially with the aforementioned popular applications can often present a problem: over-saturation.

Whether you're vying with other app users to try and get some of that sweet delivery money, or the sheer amount of other deliverers and drivers bringing down the price of a job, it can be pretty frustrating for folks utilizing the app to make a living sometimes, giving them less than minimum wage for services rendered.

When it comes to the food delivery game, there's also the issue of restaurants taking on orders that they sometimes can't fulfill.

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Taco Bell DoorDash Delivery Driver
Source: Getty

This is, of course, a tricky situation. When you've got a business, you don't want to turn down any possibility of losing out on some cash or not satisfying an order, especially when you're in the fast-food line of work.

But it seems like eating establishments that are used to churning and burning meal orders are having difficulty fulfilling them all. A Taco Bell employee who recently beefed with a DoorDash driver is a good example of that.

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Source: TikTok | @Kriscobain93

TikTok user @Kriscobain93 put up a clip called "Taco Bell Employee Being Completely Unprofessional" that was taken at a Fargo, North Dakota restaurant.

In the video, a woman can be seen speaking to the T. Bell worker from her car. The woman in question is a DoorDash deliverer, and her husband, who was in the passenger's seat, put up a text overlay on the TikTok that reads: "he's going to have us banned from every Taco Bell in North Dakota."

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"Why would they accept an order if they can't make the food? Now the customer that ordered has to wait for a refund for the food that they already paid for," the text in the video states.

Here's what the situation was apparently about: the Taco Bell employee alleged that their location doesn't accept DoorDash orders.

Taco Bell DoorDash Delivery Driver
Source: TikTok | @Kriscobain93
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Oftentimes, eateries can be inundated with orders they can't keep up with to account for the deliveries. Across all of the chain's US stores, Taco Bell serves a whopping 5,698,630 customers every single day. Divide that up by all the T. Bell locations in this great nation and it's understandable why some spots would decline to participate in DoorDash, especially in a relatively large city like Fargo.

The delivery driver can be heard saying in the video: "Every time I come to Taco Bell, you guys don't wanna make the food, but I waited."

The employee responds, "That's because we're short-staffed. Why don't you get in here and make those yourself?" The man then follows up by saying, "Get out of my drive-thru."

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Taco Bell DoorDash Delivery Driver
Source: TikTok | @Kriscobain93

Folks in the comments section seemed divided on the employee's response: "No matter if you're short-staffed, you don't yell at a customer this way. I've worked fast food. It just looks bad on him & his management," one TikTok-er said.

But there were some who expressed that they understood where the worker was coming from.

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"The food industry has taken a huge hit, and restaurants and fast-food chains are SO understaffed, and it's SO stressful."

The delivery driver herself also shared her two cents in the comments section, "I had my husband record right where it starts because he started screaming. I don't record everything I do," in response to those who wanted to see the video before the worker began yelling.

taco bell doordash driver

Another UberEats driver stated: "Taco Bell is where I make the MOST money. I would never get mad for waiting. My job is to pick up food and deliver."

What do you think? Who's in the wrong here? The employee? The driver? Or is it DoorDash, which has been accused of adding restaurants to the list without the permission of the establishments? Is the app taking advantage of a legal grey area?

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