TikTok's Viral Food Dance Comes With a Russian Bop, but What Does It Mean?

The Russian song accompanying TikTok's food dance is undeniably catchy, but many want to know what the song means and how it caught on.


Nov. 4 2021, Published 11:06 a.m. ET

For musicians looking for their big break, going viral on TikTok can be huge. Just ask Olivia Rodrigo. The latest viral song on the platform isn't from Rodrigo or any other American artist, though. Instead, it's a Russian song that is being used to accompany a popular food dance challenge that has taken over the platform. Now, many want to know more about the meaning behind the song.

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The TikTok food dance involves dancing and a good meal.

In recent days, a trend has emerged on TikTok that involves pouring steaming hot sauce or another variety of sauce on a plate of food, taking a bite, and then doing a dance to one particular Russian song. The food can be pretty much anything, and people have done the trend with fries, chicken wings, and a wide variety of vegetables.

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Although many different vegetables can be used, the trend is unified by its use of “Я буду ебать," a song by a Russian artist named Moreart. The dancing doesn't start until the beat in the song drops, and typically, users who participate in the trend all do the same dance. The dance involves holding one hand horizontally along your chest, while you raise and lower your other hand to the beat of the song.

What does the Russian song mean?

Virtually everyone agrees that "Я буду ебать" is a banger, but many of the American users who are taking part in the trend don't know what the song actually means. As it turns out, the title translates to "I Will F--k," and the song is as filthy as you might imagine given that title. It may seem strange to pair such an explicit song with such a harmless trend, but it's hard to say for sure why the song was chosen.

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A Canadian TikTok user started the trend.

The food dance trend started in September when TikTok user @JohnMcGinnis36 went viral. That original video featured John taking a bite out of a Subway sandwich before launching into a dance, accompanied by Moreart's song. Since that initial video, John has produced countless others that are very similar, some of which have received more than 50 million views on the platform.

Source: TikTok
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John has amassed more than 5 million followers on the platform by starting this pretty simple trend. Although some people have made fun of him, many TikTok users have come to his defense, saying that he seems to be a middle aged guy who's living life to its fullest. It's unclear whether John knows what the song he selected for the video means, but it is clear that it's a song he enjoys dancing to.

A huge part of the reason John has gone viral has to come down to his discovery of Moreart's song, which, along with the food and the dancing, is what holds this trend together. John may have a future as a DJ if he ever stops making food dance videos that become insanely popular.

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