A TikTok User Has Gone Viral for Dodging a Kiss During a College Football Game

A TikTok user with the handle hhhhggggllll is going viral after dodging a kiss from his date at a Wake Forest University football game.


Nov. 1 2021, Published 10:36 a.m. ET

When a video goes viral on the internet, that video can sometimes tell an incomplete story. Sometimes, more context is needed to fully appreciate what you're seeing in a video, and that's definitely the case with a recent video of a young man who appears to be rejecting a young woman who tries to kiss him. The video was taken at a college football game, and has gone viral online.

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Who is hhhhggggllll on TikTok?

The video that went viral featured a TikTok user whose handle is @hhhhggggllll. In the video, a young woman appears to lean in for a kiss, and at the last minute, he turns away. The incident was captured on camera during the game and eventually went viral across TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. Although the video looked like a brutal rejection, there was actually something else going on.

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@hhhhggggllll has taken to TikTok and Reddit to explain what happened during the game. In his Reddit post, he explains that he and the girl in the video just started dating a week ago after talking for a while. He invited her to a Wake Forest game, and they wound up going with a group of friends. "Throughout the game we are flirting, hugging, kissing a little bit, etc.," he expained.

"We also do this thing where one of us leans in for a kiss, and the other person leans away, which is an inside joke between the two of us," he continued. "So, we do our little inside joke thing, and unbeknownst to us, we are being recorded. After the game, I find I'm on the Wake Forest Old Row Instagram page, and within the hour I'm on the official Old Row page. Then, I'm on TikTok, Twitter, and apparently, Reddit too."

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He also said that "she did not get rejected, we were just playing around," and that the two of them were unaware that they were being recorded.

In addition, he's also said that the video has led to him receiving texts from high school classmates he hasn't heard from in years, as well as from his parents.

Source: TikTok
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Who is sandx.lop on TikTok?

Sandx.lop is the other half of this viral moment, and both she and hhhhggggllll took to TikTok to explain what had really happened in the video. Their stories largely match, suggesting that although the moment looked like a fierce rejection, it was actually an inside joke between two people who are still in the very early stages of their relationship with one another.

The video is funny with or without the context, but the story behind this viral moment totally transforms what it means. Thankfully, these two appear to still be on good terms, and this moment of virality didn't really mean what so many assumed it meant. Although some people were pretty harsh in their comments about the video, as it turned out, they didn't have any real reason to be.

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