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Source: WWE

Taynara Conti Isn't Just a Tough Girl in the WWE — She Has an Extensive Martial Arts Background


The WWE's Divas are fast becoming the organizations biggest attractions. Growing up, female wrestlers weren't considered "top draws" and were rarely part of major match programming. Sure, you had a few exceptions, but the women's division was never as stacked as the men's. Now, however, there are tons of talented female wrestlers in the organization who are absolutely crushing it and Taynara Conti has all of the makings of a huge pro-wrestling star.

Here's why Taynara Conti is what the WWE needs right now.

There's been a staggering increase of mixed martial arts stars transitioning into the WWE and vice versa, and this has had big impacts on the show's programming. Gone are the overly beefy, '80s Muscle Man body types. Many of the WWE's top stars, while still ridiculously muscular and in amazing shape, aren't bodybuilders. They look more like lithe athletes from the Olympics or premiere MMA leagues like the UFC, Bellator, and ONE FC.