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Source: facebook

Teacher's Mental Health Check-In Board Went Viral for the "Beautiful" Standard It Sets


A teacher's gone viral for a very cool reason: she set up a board in her classroom that allows student to express how they're feeling.

I grew up in a family where kids were expected to just shut up and do what their parents said. Which is why I loved school, for the most part, when I was a child.

Sure, you were expected to sit down and generally keep quiet, but I had some amazing teachers who really knew what they were doing.

What separated these teachers from the rest was the fact that they went out of their way to attune their teaching styles to my needs. Was I feeling OK that particular day? How was I doing with the source material? What were my thoughts and honest feelings about the day's lesson?

That's probably why I'm loving this board Tara Mitchell Holman put up in her classroom.

Source: facebook