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20+ Teacher Memes That Flawlessly Capture Our Impending Spring Break Mood


It's easy to wax poetic about our long lost days of childhood, which, in retrospect, feels like all fun two-week vacations and after-school activities. It makes us feel like we should all have gone into teaching in order to vicariously enjoy these small joys long after college graduation. 

After all, no other adult profession boasts schedules as chill (we know, we know, for grading) or vacations as generous as teachers'. And though we weren't all able to devote our careers to the future leaders of our world, we can definitely band together to revel in what it looks like when instructors are released for a week-long (two weeks, if they're lucky) spring break. Hint: They look even happier than their students.

These spring break memes conveying the excitement of teachers before vacation pretty much encapsulates everyone's mood when they're about to leave their laptop behind for some well-deserved R&R. 

Keep scrolling for 25 memes that are pretty much us before break, if only we had just gone into teaching.

1. This is every teacher and every student as soon as they learn there's a vacation coming up.

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