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Source: netflix

People Can't Stop Laughing at Luther's Body From 'The Umbrella Academy'


Netflix's latest show, The Umbrella Academy has comic book and superhero fans very, very excited. It tells the story of a group of adopted siblings who reunite later in life to discover who killed their foster father.

The source material from Dark Horse Comics is excellent fodder for any teleplay writer, and the show is generally getting rave reviews from critics and viewers alike. But there's one thing that people can't get over  — and that's Luther's body from the show.

Being a show about people with special powers, of course you're going to have the odd-looking individual or crazy phenomenon. The Umbrella Academy's unique premise lends itself to this extra-level-layer of weirdness: 43 women on October 1st, 1989, all gave birth simultaneously around the world, despite not showing any symptoms of pregnancy before they went into labor. Seven of the kids (the show's main characters) were adopted by an eccentric billionaire, Sir Reginald Hargreeves, who turned them into a superhero team.