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Source: Netflix

These Memes Perfectly Capture the Insanity of 'Abducted in Plain Sight'


As if real life weren't already totally absurd for most average Americans, Netflix has really been bringing that reality into high contrast with their documentary content lately. From the insanity that was the Fyre Festival to the followers of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh in Wild Wild Country, these nonfiction narratives have really dialed into what strange creatures we humans can be.

But none of these docs have turned us into the White Guy Blinking GIF quite so acutely as Abducted in Plain Sight.  The story of Jan Broberg's two kidnappings by family friend Robert Berchtold — especially details about how her parents responded to the kidnappings — have audiences asking... "Wait, what did I just watch? Is this real life?"

These 15 Abducted Plain Sight memes perfectly encapsulate the 90-minute wild ride.

1. Literally same.

Source: Twitter

Viewers generally agree the 22-minute mark is when the WTF really sets in and doesn't let up again until the credits roll. And even then, this movie really does stay with you. I still think about it and shudder a few times a day.