"We're All Thriving!" — Hilarious Video Shows Teachers Before and After the First Day of School

A viral video shows several teachers before and after the first day of school — and some of them look totally traumatized. Hilarious details ahead!

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Aug. 14 2023, Published 5:43 p.m. ET

Many could argue that the first day of school is much more terrifying for teachers than it is for students. Take it from TikTok user and fellow teacher Presley Rose Gaspard (@punchypresley), who decided to share before and after clips of her colleagues on the first day of school.

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And well, based on their EOD appearances, it's safe to say the video proved that even after a summer off, going back to a full day of school can be rough for educators. Keep scrolling to see the hilarious video! Plus, stick around to hear what the internet had to say about all this chaos.

Mrs. Parker before and after the first day of school.
Source: TikTok / @punchypresley

Mrs. Parker before and after the first day of school.

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This video shows teachers before and after the first day of school.

The 51-second video — which is captioned "We're all thriving!" — showed six teachers greeting the camera before and after the first day of school. As one could expect, most of their transformations displayed varying levels of exhaustion and disheveled appearances.

Many of the teachers started the day all dolled up but ended it with sweaty foreheads, glossy eyes, and their hair tied back — that's honestly so relatable. But perhaps our favorite "before and after the first day of school" transformation belongs to Mrs. Fiala. She started out so optimistic, but by the end of the school day, she was so over everything.

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"I'm done with today," she said before laughing in pain. Girl, we are right there with you!

It seems others agree, as thousands of TikTokers flocked to the comment section to point out that Mrs. Fiala might've had a rough first day: "'I'm done with today' got me," one person said alongside crying with laughter and skull emojis.

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"Most accurate representation of the first day of school: 'I'm done with today…'" another TikToker wrote.

A third commented, "[Mrs.] Fiala is so real," while a fourth asked, "Is Mrs. Fiala okay?"

Someone else added, "'I'm done… with today' Haha the queen was about to quit after that first day."

"Baby, Mrs. Fiala was ovvvver it," one TikTok user hilariously shared.

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TikToker @_kaless_ commented, "'I'm done with today' I feel that. 🤣"
Source: TikTok / @_kaless_

Several other fellow TikTokers agreed that Presley's video was relatable AF.

"Everyone all sweaty and hair up is so realistic at the end of a hard day at work," one TikToker penned.

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Another person stated, "You can just see the overstimulation on everyone's faces."

"The hair up and sweating / red face at the end of the day is sooo real," said a third TikTok user.

TikToker @kaysrewop commented on tiktok showing teachers before and after first day of school, "The hair up and make up sweat off is me."
Source: TikTok / @kaysrewop
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Presley also took to the comment section and said that although she and her fellow teachers love their job, "first days are just in their own category of chaos!" You could say that again!

As a result of Presley's disclaimer, many took the time to share their appreciation for teachers.

"Thank you all for teaching our babies and making a difference. Your work is exhausting," one TikTok user sweetly said, adding that they're "so thankful for teachers." A second person wrote, "Thank you for all you do as teachers!"

"Thank y'all for what you do! I'm thankful to be in the medical field because I could never do what y'all do!" another TikTok user joked, and we couldn't agree more — teaching is not for the weak!

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