Say What? A TikToker Claims She Was Fired for Wanting to Go Back to School

Tatayana Yomary - Author

Apr. 19 2023, Published 5:32 p.m. ET

Thanks to TikTok, creators can create fun and engaging content and share their stories about a wide range of topics — from romantic relationships to lifestyle experiences. Since the short-form video app continues to grow in popularity, it has become the No.1 outlet to shed light on controversial topics. Case in point: workplace issues.

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Over the years, creators have shared videos about management issues ranging from ill-treatment to wardrobe problems. Now a woman on TikTok has sounded the alarm on her employer after she claims she was fired for wanting to go back to school.

So, what gives? Here’s everything that you need to know.

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A woman on TikTok (@themillenialrecruiter) claims that her employer fired her for wanting to go back to school.

In TikToker @themillenialrecruiter’s video, she responded to a person who inquired about why she was fired. The TikToker initially posted a video on April 10, 2023, where she announced that she was fired for being honest about her future.

She begins the response video by saying, “I thought my job was safe, but it never was.”

The creator proceeds to share a copy of the letter that states why she was fired from her job as a recruiter.

“The reason for your termination was based on your comments regarding the future of the recruitment position and stating that you would like to pursue other positions in the healthcare field,” the letter reads.

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She shared that she made comments to her new account manager in a one-on-one session about her future with the company. The account manager asked her if she wanted to become an account manager or a senior recruiter.

The creator said in the video that she “hated the job” and tried her best to avoid answering his questions.

The account manager asked her where she sees herself in the company in the future. The creator responded by saying, “I’m trying to potentially get into healthcare commission.”

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The woman shared that she referenced company layoffs as a factor in her decision-making since her commission has taken a hit.

“My commission is s–t since I first started last July and I’m looking to make money,” she says while rubbing her fingers together to signify money.

This is when she says she told the account manager about going back to school and getting into healthcare.

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Apparently, the woman says that her company flew her to Florida last week and she was approached by the director about the one-on-one chat.

“I had this big meeting with both of them where the director said, 'So I heard that you’re leaving,'" the woman shares.

The woman took accountability for sharing her plans prematurely, but she thought that he would understand where she was coming from, as opposed to telling the higher-ups. Then, the inevitable happened.

“I came home from Florida last Wednesday and I got fired that Friday,” the woman said.

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Many folks sympathized with the woman over being fired, but others cautioned her about sharing information with employers.

Most people would understand why the woman felt comfortable sharing her plans with her colleague. However, the consensus is that you should never provide information about your next moves to an employer or co-workers.

“The best moves are the ones made in silence. Keep your business plans and thoughts to yourself,” one person commented.

“That’s why I’m hesitant to tell my co-workers anything. They are not your friends … unless y’all are friends outside of work,” another person shared.

Truth be told, every job is different. Some companies don’t provide employees with open transparency without the fear of losing their job. On the other hand, other employers have any qualms with discussing an employee's future goals in their company or beyond.

However, it may just be best to keep your thoughts and goals to yourself if you don't see or want growth in your current company.

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