Here Are 20 Priceless First Day of School Memes Everyone Will Totally Understand

As summer ends, kids are heading back to school. Since most of them aren't too thrilled, here are 20 first day of school memes to cheer them up.

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Sep. 6 2022, Published 4:24 p.m. ET

First day of school memes.
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September is officially upon us, which means the first day of school is right around the corner. Say goodbye to those long beach days and endless lively nights, because school is back in session.

In honor of the first day of school, we’re celebrating by rounding up our favorite memes that you can send to anyone and everyone, including your friends and fellow parents. Check them out below!

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"I'll never let go."

There are times in life when kids must learn when to let go ... this is one of them.

They each deserve a nice long nap!

Let's be honest — the teachers are just as exhausted as the students on the first day of school.

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This is usually how kids bond on the first day of school.

Looking for new friends? Just complain about the class and you'll be sure to have a BFF for life.

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The first day of school meltdowns are too real.

We would totally wear this if we were still in school.

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"It's the most wonderful time of the year..."

After three whole months with their children around to annoy them 24/7, we think all parents have a right to celebrate the first day of school — this calls for champagne and an entire day dedicated to peace and quiet!

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We are 100 percent the boy on the ground.

By the second day of school, the little girl will be joining the boy on the floor.

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At least you took the time to practice the Three R's of mindfulness!

OK, so the only time we really left our house during summer break was to go get snacks. Otherwise, we enjoyed our freedom and got plenty of rest before the first day of school arrived.

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So long, sweet freedom.

The first day of school makes you realize that being a student means you hold little to no power.

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Icebreakers make us forget every aspect of our lives.

It's like we took Squidward's advice and cleared our mind of "everything that doesn't have to do with fine dining and breathing."

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Here's the easiest way to get through icebreaker activities:

These are the most basic (yet popular) things to say during an icebreaker activity — try one out and let us know how it goes!

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Ah, the classic "first day of school" photoshoot.

Although each of these poses are accurate, we have reason to believe the second and fourth are spot on.

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The only time speeding is acceptable.

Most parents will be zooming out of the parking lot before their kids can even say goodbye!

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*Stares intensely at the student who's obviously lost and overwhelmed*

Who hasn't experienced this before and then immediately wanted to crawl in a hole and die? It's completely mortifying.

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Talk about a chaotic class.

Tag yourself; we're Olivia because we also like to "eat, sleep, and breathe air."

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Um, you better hug your mom goodbye on the first day of school!

Being cool is overrated — give your parents a hug on the first day of school, please!

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Nothing like taking a math test on the first day of school!

Warning: The older you get, the more exams you'll have to take on the first day of school.

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The homework part of the starter pack hits too close to home.

This starter pack sums up the first day of school perfectly, especially the "I just want to go home" section. Also, the homework component just reminds us of when we were forced to carry around a 20+ pound backpack all year long.

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How is this even possible?!

Imagine showing up on the first day of school and thinking you're the next best fashionista, only to realize that nearly half of the other students are wearing something similar? We would simply never go back.

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The trauma is #real.

The amount of times we wake up in a cold sweat after experiencing a dream nightmare in which we miss multiple classes and never complete our assignments on time ... it's just pure torture at this point.

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Remove yourself from that toxic situation!

OK, this is just for kicks and giggles. Seriously, we encourage you to stay in school. So, if joking around will keep you there, then, by all means, please continue saying, "I just don't think this is great for me ... I wanna go home."

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