People Plan to Tip Less After Seeing What This Server Makes per Hour

A Texas Roadhouse server shares what she ends up making per hour and the internet responds by saying they will tip less. Are people OK?

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Aug. 28 2023, Published 11:29 a.m. ET

Waiting tables is one of those jobs that people seem to think is incredibly easy but if asked to do it, would absolutely say no. People who work in the service industry, and I am including manual labor here, have nothing but respect for each other. The judgment always comes from an individual who sits comfortably in a temperature controlled office all day.

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Everyone has difficult moments at their jobs, but servers also have to bear the brunt of bad customers and possibly worse coworkers or managers. It's no secret that restaurants can and tend to be extremely toxic places to work. And let's not forget how little servers usually make, in an industry where people are expected to survive on the kindness of strangers in the form of tips. Speaking of tips, one Texas Roadhouse server shared how much she makes per hour and people lost it. Let's paycheck it out!

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This Texas Roadhouse server is making bank.

People are unwell. When Amanda, who goes by @amanda4xx on TikTok, revealed what her hourly pay was after tips and base, commenters decided they should start tipping servers less. I'll get to that in a minute.

First, let's take a look at where Amanda works. She's a server at a Texas Roadhouse chain restaurant in New York. The prices are pretty standard compared to other chains like Applebee's or TGI Fridays. You can get a steak meal for about $22.

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This is a slow day for Amanda who only worked a three hour shift. While we don't know when her shift started, we do know based on the receipts that she worked Friday, Aug. 4, 2023, at around 6:00 p.m. Regardless of how long she was there, this is a dinner shift on a weekend so it's bound to be good.

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Here's what she made, and I'm rounding to the closest dollar.

  • $12 on a $48 check
  • $20 on a $101 check
  • $9 on a $46 check
  • $30 on a $130 check
  • $7 on a $49 check
  • $22 on a $113 check
  • $32 on a $127 check
  • $12 on a $62 check
  • $25 on a $74 check

"The majority of my tables tipped on their credit card," explained Amanda. "The restaurant owes me $95.14." Including her hourly pay which is $9.00, Amanda made $150.14 which comes out to $59.00 per hour.

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People in the comments showed up with some truly bad takes.

"I need to lower my tips. Thanks for sharing," wrote @surfingbird_88. It's giving, why should we forgive student loan debt when I paid off my student loan? Instead of folks being happy for someone making good money in a time when earning a livable wage is tough, people were irrationally angry.

One man justified his rage by pointing out how long Amanda worked. I'm struggling to find the connection between not tipping and a shift length, but this fella doesn't like it. "She made what most people make in a full day of work from just 3 hours of taking food to tables and not making any of the food," he said. Sir, no one is stopping you from doing the same.

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A few people said they would rather tip the cooks. So it's not the act of tipping itself, it's the work involved. Once again I'm baffled by this idea that waiting tables is easy. A retired cook chimed in about how tips would be good but in doing so, explained why this doesn't make sense. "Cooks don't get tips," he wrote. "Yes, I know they make more." This guy thinks he should make more and then more.

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What isn't being discussed at all, and what I assume is happening, is the fact that Amanda probably doesn't work a 40 hour week. Her shift was three hours. She might work four or five days a week. I really think folks have forgotten that servers generally work significantly less than people with, say, an office job.

Amanda didn't let this wild vitriol get her down. In a subsequent TikTok she threatened to drop another featuring what she makes in a shift. She did just that. This time after four hours, Amanda essentially made $50.00 an hour. Looks like no one is tipping less.

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