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Source: Instagram

This High Schooler is Behind the Viral ThatWhiteLatino TikTok Account


Whether you first went on TikTok to be ironic, or you had a genuine interest in the short video sharing app, there's a big chance that you fell into a black hole of video streaming after you made an account. The app has grown significantly in popularity because it's addicting — teenagers across the country have become overnight sensations just by making short, viral videos in their spare time. 

TikTok is its own community, and the celebrities within the app are gaining traction on other social media platforms too. One such viral account is ThatWhiteLatino, which has hundreds of thousands of followers and dozens of millions of likes. Like it or not, but this high school-aged teen is making a killing on the app. 

Who is ThatWhiteLatino on TikTok? Read on to find out more about who the guy behind the viral account is, and what his videos are all about.