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Heartbroken 'The 100' Fans Can Rest Easy Because A Prequel Series Is On The Way


Fans of the hit CW show The 100 may have been heartbroken to learn that the show is ending with its seventh season, but they can feel a little relief today knowing that the story doesn't completely have to end. Although The 100 is concluding, creator Jason Rothenberg is going all the way back to the beginning with a brand new prequel. Here's what we know so far about The 100 prequel in the works for The CW.

What's The 100 prequel all about?

According to Jason, The 100 prequel is going to take us way, way back. The new spinoff is set 97 years before the original series and it begins with the end of the world. When a nuclear apocalypse wipes out most of the humans on Earth, a group of survivors must learn to cope with the new world while trying to form a better society than the one that came before.