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Source: CW

'The 100' Showrunner Teases Octavia's Fate Following the Shocking Season 6 Finale


What just happened? The CW series The 100 has been filled with OMG-moments and gut-wrenching loses. In the Season 6 finale, fans watched as the green mist appeared once again after the group entered the tattooed code on Octavia’s back. 

Suddenly, Hope walks through what has become known as the Anomaly and the two share a brief hug before she stabs Octavia in the stomach. 

We may have shed a few tears as Bellamy’s little sister lie bleeding to death in his arms. But, all hope is not lost. Octavia evaporates into the green mist and fans (including us) were left scratching our heads wondering if she is actually dead. 

TV Guide interviewed showrunner Jason Rothenberg to get the scoop on the fate of the beloved character.