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Source: twitter

The Twitter Account for "the Last Blockbuster" Is Comedy Gold

By Mustafa Gatollari

There was a time when Blockbuster Video was the name for in-home entertainment. Within the first month of a major movie's home video release, walls would be covered with VHS tapes and DVDs. Countless people would rush to video stores to avoid paying late fees. Young friends and siblings would pool together their change to rent a video game they would beast on for the entire weekend.

Then Netflix happened.

It's not like Blockbuster didn't have the opportunity to still be in the game: in one of the biggest mistakes in corporate history (next to Sears' decision to not partner with Amazon) the company decided against buying Netflix and having the streaming platform take control of the online portion of their movie subscriptions/rentals.

Now Netflix is not only a content streaming juggernaut, but they're a major TV/film production studio.

As for Blockbuster? Well they only have one retail location left. In the world. And that's right in Bend, Oregon. They don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon, however, and it looks like they'll hold fast. They've got about 4,000 active account holders who rent titles from the store regularly. 

Then there's the "throwback" factor. New accounts are being opened every day from tourists who want to hold a Blockbuster card. They also sell nostalgic-branded t-shirts and hats.