25 'Polar Express' Movie Trivia Questions to Answer While You Wait for Santa

Try these 25 trivia questions with answers based on the classic Christmas movie 'The Polar Express' starring Tom Hanks. Can you get them all?

Kelly Corbett - Author

Dec. 14 2022, Updated 6:06 p.m. ET

It's been almost two decades since The Polar Express dropped and if you haven't seen it at least a bajillion times and memorized every line, then do you even celebrate the holidays? The award-winning film, which consisted of all-digital captures, was the first of its kind. In fact, it's listed in the 2006 Guinness Book of World Records as the longest performance capture film.

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But enough about the movie. You already know how great it is, but how familiar are you with it? Take a gander at these trivia questions we've rounded up for you. We've bolded the correct answer next to each question.

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Challenge yourself with these 25 trivia questions from the 'Polar Express' movie!

1. Where is the Polar Express headed on Christmas Eve? The North Pole

2. Which character narrates the film as an adult? Hero Boy

3. What kind of vehicle is the Polar Express? A train

4. What year did The Polar Express come out? 2004

5. What was the name of Hero Boy's sister in the film? Sarah

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6. What present did Hero Boy receive from Santa in The Polar Express? A silver bell

7. What time did the train arrive at Hero Boy's house? 11:55 p.m.

8. What sort of drink is given to the children during their trip? Hot chocolate

9. What is the name of the character who rides on top of the Polar Express? The Hobo

10. Who plays Santa in The Polar Express? Tom Hanks

11. Who plays Hero Girl in The Polar Express? Nona Gaye

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12. How old is Hero Boy in The Polar Express? Eight

13. Was The Polar Express movie based on a book? Yes

14. When it comes to hot chocolate, there's only one rule! What is it? Never ever let it cool

15. In the film, what did Hero Boy say he wanted to do his whole life? Blow the train's whistle

16. Which U.S. state is Billy from? Michigan

17. Who is the author of The Polar Express book? Chris Van Allsburg

18. Which character said this line in the film: “There’s no greater gift than friendship"? Santa

19. What department store was featured at the beginning of The Polar Express? Herpolsheimer's

20. Which animal blocks the Polar Express on its way to the North Pole? Caribou

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21. Which famous singer made an appearance in The Polar Express singing "Rockin' on Top of the World"? Steven Tyler

22. Which character said this line in the movie: “Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can't see"? The conductor

23. Who are Smokey and Steamer in The Polar Express? Smokey and Steamer are respectively the fireman and the engineer of the Polar Express train

24. Which actor played five different roles in The Polar Express? Tom Hanks

25. Not everyone can hear the silver bell Hero Boy received from Santa. Why is that? The bell can only be heard by people who believe in Santa

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