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The Rock Just Paid a Surprise Visit to His Aunt and Melted the Internet's Heart


The Rock is a hugely popular and beloved figure. It might have to do with his uber-positive attitude, his amazing work ethic, his generosity, and his apparent passion for everything he does.

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that he's very aware of his hulking frame and contrasts it with a gentleness in his demeanor.

Dwayne Johnson is really big puppy dog and he knows it. It's why he was able to create such a wildly successful persona like "The Rock": he's not an arrogant or egotistical guy, but a caricature of an arrogant and egotistical guy. Since he took the character situationally seriously, but not himself, he was able to have genuine fun with "The Rock" and ended up creating a legend that resonates with not just fans of the WWE, but people all over the world.

It's that big puppy-dog-ness that I believe so many people fall in love with the most though, more so than the uber-douchebag, mostly because I think that's super honest for Dwayne. Which is probably why so many people are flipping out over his latest Instagram post where he visited his adorable aunt in Georgia.