NYC's Matchmaker Tiff Baira Has a Beau of Her Own

Sara Belcher - Author

Feb. 5 2024, Updated 12:28 p.m. ET

Tiff Baira at the Grammys pre-party
Source: Getty Images

TikTok is filled with dating stories, some that make you swoon with jealousy and others that are straight out of a horror movie. Notable TikTok personality Tiff Baira (@tiffbaira) has been on her fair share of dates in NYC, and she'll be the first to tell you that dating in the city isn't easy.

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What started as her recounting her bad date stories to pass time during the pandemic has since turned into a lucrative matchmaking gig for her, earning her more than 200,000 followers on TikTok. But it seems the notoriously single influencer finally has some arm candy of her own, as she dished about her new boyfriend online recently. Here's what we know about Tiff's new boo.

Tiff Baira
Source: Getty Images
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Who is Tiff Baira's mystery "music man" she's dating?

Tiff took to TikTok to tease her relationship to her followers, showing an image of her with her man from Getty. To keep the suspense, though, Tiff covered her partner's face and didn't reveal his name, giving her followers none of the details they were asking for.

"Not to scream 'I love my man. This is my man,' but this is literally my man," Tiff begins her soft launch video. "In three years y'all have never seen me cuffed up, and I don't know if y'all are ready for it."

Tiff first talked about her partner, who she deceptively calls "music man" (because he allegedly works in music), in a TikTok on Jan. 10. At the time she said they had only been seeing each other for a month but confirmed that they would be attending the Feb. 4 Grammy awards together in L.A.

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"Get ready for the plot twist of your life b---h — the dinosaur daddy era is over. I'm actually dating someone that's younger than me by a year," she said in the Jan. 10 video. Tiff said how she and her new beau met at a holiday party before spending six hours on their first date at an "atrocious" diner, but music man brought her flowers and made her laugh, making it a successful first date.

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"Since then we've just been hanging out all the time and he's just one of those people where you can like go to the grocery store and laugh so much," she continued. "It's definitely a rebrand for me b---h but I'm saying the major thing that I'm realizing is that you want a nice guy that makes you laugh. Forget all the other bulls--t."

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Tiff didn't give us many other details about her new partner, but everything she has said has been focused on how incredibly happy their relationship makes her — which is a refreshing take to hear from the famed matchmaker.

"I've secretly always wanted to do cheesy-ass s--t and be in love and be soft with someone. And I've always loved matchmaking because I help other people do that but I never knew if it was going to happen for me," she confessed in her soft launch video. "B---h when I tell you that music man made me so happy that I never settled for someone that was like ashamed of me or embarrassed by me or treated me like an option."

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Tiff Baira and her boyfriend at the Grammys pre-party
Source: Getty Images

Fortunately, since the image was on Getty Images, we were able to pull it and reveal Tiff's new partner's face! Unfortunately, Getty Images did not list who the music man on Tiff's arm is, nor did she tag him in her hard launch post from the Grammy's. In a TikTok, she talked about doing a hard launch party with her friends, so it's possible we'll learn his identity then.

That said, it seems like plenty of her followers are happy for her — even if we don't know his name yet.

"Omg I actually know him and he’s such a nice guy," one Redditor said of Tiff's partner. "Honestly a win for Tiff, he’s super kind and hard-working!"

We're hoping for Tiff's continued bliss with her new partner as they head to the Grammys.

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