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From "The Git Up" to the Girl Crying to "Obsessed" — These Were the Top TikTok Dances of 2019


Whether you want to admit it or not, you likely watched at least one TikTok video in 2019 — and we can't blame you. The short video sharing app went absolutely viral in 2019, and teenagers grew to immense popularity (like Charli D'Amelio and Chase Hudson). Influencers from Instagram quickly began posting their own TikToks, and participating in the video trends.

Did your favorite TikTok dances of 2019 make the list?

As 2019 quickly draws to a close, we're compiling a list of the best TikTok dances of 2019. From "Hit the Woah" to "The Git Up" to parodies over the girl crying to "Obsessed," these are the top TikTok dances from the year.

Hit The Woah


what happens when you’ve been on TikTok too long... | IG: oceangela #comedy ib @carolinegmillerr

♬ Skateboard p by Elijah Who - m1lk.tea

For those who aren't as talented in the dancing department, The Woah was an easier-to-accomplish dance trend for TikTok in 2019. This movement involved just a simple wrist movement timed to a repeated bass drop. TikTok users tried to amp this up by doing the wrist snap during household chores, while in school, or in other places.

The bass drop comes from the song "Woah" by D3MSTREET.