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Source: tiktok

A Complete Breakdown of the Hype House Collective


Forget the Team 10 house — it's all about the Hype House. Basically, it's a mansion full of TikTok and YouTube stars who are living together and making viral content. The members also created a joint TikTok account that has amassed over 1M followers and is the idea of YouTuber (and former Team 10 member) Thomas Petrou.

So, who exactly is a member of the Hype House? "Everyone we follow on our social media, they are all listed in the hype house," Lil Huddy explained on YouTube. "We collaborate with a lot of people, a lot of people come in and out." 

Thomas added, "Everyone does their own thing and a lot of people have their own homes other places... People like me live here full-time. So, I live fully in the house, Alex and Kouvr live fully in the house, Daisy lives fully in the house. Chase is here a lot of the time and then he'll go back home and he'll spend time with his family in North Cal."  

Where is the Hype House? 

Located in Los Angeles, we have a feeling it won't be long before fans figure out the exact address of the Hype House to spot frequent visitors like sisters Dixie and Charli D’Amelio. In the meantime, here is a breakdown of the Hype House collective. 

1. Thomas Petrou

Source: Instagram

Thomas is just a "21 year old kid with a dream" who made the Hype House a reality.