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TikTok is taking over, so it was only a matter of time before influencers came together to live and create content for the social media platform. Inspired by the Team 10 House — and started by former Team 10 member Thomas Petrou — the Hype House is a collective of TikTokers based in Los Angeles.

Since its inception, the group's TikTok page has amassed over 13 million followers and the Hype House members have skyrocketed in popularity. However, not everyone you spot in the house actually lives there. 

Hype House members:

Where is the Hype House?

Fans have been trying to track down the exact address of the Hype House but all we know is that the mansion is located in Los Angeles and rent is $900 a month for a room. "It took me 13 days to make this house possible," founder Thomas Petrou said of the house. "From the idea, to calling places, touring places, and making it happen."

Hype House drama explained.

Former member Daisy Keech is not happy with the Hype House. Daisy claims she was not given the credit she is due for being a co-founder of the collective, and now she is suing the group. 

"I'm not being portrayed as who I really am — the business mind that I do have and everything that I brought to the Hype House and did for the Hype House," she explained. According to Daisy, she was the one who went to a lawyer about actually trademarking "Hype House," but one day later Thomas and Lilhuddy filed a competing trademark, prompting Daisy to send them a cease and desist before selling merch. 

Thomas and Chase allegedly unfollowed Daisy on social media and locked her out of the Hype House accounts before taking her name off the lease. Now, Daisy is focused on Clubhouse Beverly Hills, a new competing house on the TikTok block. 

Latest Hype House News and Updates

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