TikTok's Head-Bobbing Song and Dance Trend Is the Newest Viral Sensation

What is the TikTok Head Bobbing song and dance trend? TikTok's newest phenomenon has been receiving major praise from creators on the app.

Tatayana Yomary - Author

Dec. 7 2021, Published 3:29 p.m. ET

Thanks to the wonderful world of TikTok, creators are able to express themselves via a never-ending list of viral trends and challenges. Over the years we’ve seen everything from the Silhouette Challenge to the Bark at Your Dog Challenge make its rounds on the app. And while these trends have had their time in the spotlight, it appears that another phenomenon has taken over the app — the Head Bobbing song and dance trend.

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Thanks to a catchy tune with a bit of a dance break, the Head Bobbing song and its accompanying dance have become TikTok’s newest sensation. And while most TikTok trends can leave creators guessing, this one is pretty clear-cut. So, what does this trend consist of? Get comfortable as we spill all the deets!

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TikTok’s Head Bobbing trend consists of users bobbing their heads to the beat of a song.

As we mentioned above, TikTok’s Head Bobbing song and dance trend is all about users bobbing their heads to the beat of a hip-hop song. According to WeGotThisCovered, the head-bobbing song is a remix of Drilla’s “Freestyle” by the group Opps & Blocks.

The site reports that the track first hit the app earlier this year and since then has become a sensation. In fact, the trend has been making its rounds with an eight-second clip of the song.

“Love, nah nah we ain’t giving no h-e, I ain’t Romeo and I’ll hold, hold. Bake in the party, chocolate Barbie waiting on me for a yo,” the lyrics say.

At the same time, creators can be seen bobbing their heads from front to back to match the beat of the song.

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The original head-bobbing TikTok trend is a bit different from this upgraded version.

It’s not news that TikTok trends can be born from preexisting ones. And the Head Bobbing trend is no exception.

Per WeGotThisCovered, the first TikTok to use the newly popular audio is @liverpoolfans.com. In the video, Roberto Firmino, the forward for Liverpool and the Brazilian national soccer team, can be seen running down the field before scoring a goal.

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Next, he breaks into a dance that entails moving his hands back and forth in a way that pairs perfectly to the music. Even though this video is a far cry from the trend that can be seen on TikTok today, it set the idea in motion.

Although the original trend gained popularity on the app, this upgrade has taken things to the next level. Not only has the Head Bopping song and dance trend garnered major attention on TikTok, it has earned nearly 61 thousand views and counting, as of this writing.

Not to mention, the Head Bopping trend is one that creators of all ages can participate in. So, it’s safe to say that this trend will only grow in popularity over time.

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