From Preventing Blisters to Essential Items — 5 TikTok Hiking Hacks to Use on Your Next Adventure!

From preventing blisters to must-pack essential items, Distractify has rounded up five hiking hacks that we've discovered on TikTok. Check them out!

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Jun. 23 2021, Published 12:45 p.m. ET

TikTok Hiking Hacks
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No matter the season, travel-seekers are constantly heading outside to experience everything that Mother Nature has to offer by hiking some amazing trails, exploring national parks, and taking in the gorgeous scenery.

Whether you find yourself hiking through a forest, backpacking up a steep mountain, or taking a much-needed dip in a crystal-clear lake, more and more people are opting to take hiking trips to experience the great outdoors.

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But not all hikes are created equal, and for those who are inexperienced when it comes to dealing with wildlife, bugs, inclement weather, etc., it's best to be overprepared than to find yourself in a dangerous situation.

So, if you're thirsting for some good old-fashioned outdoor fun and are looking to explore Mother Nature in all of her beauty, we've rounded up a few essential hiking hacks for you to follow.

Check out these TikTok hiking hacks below.

TikTok Hiking Hacks
Source: Getty Images
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5 must-use TikTok hiking hacks for your next big adventure!

1. Download these essential apps

When you think of escaping into the wilderness, using your phone (other than for the sole purpose of snapping pictures) doesn't immediately come to mind as an essential item. But, TikToker @BonjourBecky explained four useful apps that every hiker should download before going off on their next adventure.

Download Peakfinder to find out "what mountains you're staring at." Meanwhile, PictureThis helps you to identify plants. This can be very useful for people wanting to find out what plants are safe to consume and which ones are poisonous. Another app that the social media person recommended is Gaia, which will give you detailed maps of your trail. And check out AllTrails, which allows you to find new trails to hike.

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2. Layering is key

Many experienced hikers will tell you that the weather at any location can change by the hour. Therefore, it's important to wear and/or pack layers with you during your hike.

If you get too hot, you can always shed a layer. Better to be overprepared than freezing or wet throughout your hike.

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Third Eye Headlamps
Source: Third Eye Headlamps

3. Bring the essentials

Whether you're venturing out for a day trip or camping overnight, it's important to bring a few essential items. TikTok user Michelle Klatt rattled off her list of 10 items that every hiker should have in their backpack.

Remember to carry some sort of navigation system aka a map or download an app to help you find your way. A headlamp is also key for early mornings and late-night hikes. We recommend Third Eye Headlamps which come in a variety of colors and patterns.

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Another essential travel item is sun protection. Nothing can ruin your adventure more than a touch of sun poisoning.

It's not uncommon to get a few cuts and scrapes along your hike, so packing a small first aid kit is important. MyMedic has created a "Solo" first aid kit that is lightweight and water-resistant, making it a perfect option for travelers. Seriously, you'll be prepared for any situation!

Other essential items that you should pack: a knife, fire starter, shelter (if camping), extra clothes, extra food, and extra water.

Source: MyMedic
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4. How to prevent blisters

Nothing can ruin your hiking experience more than painful blisters. Though you may have invested in a pair of expensive hiking boots, that still might not protect your feet. TikTok user @hikinghacks shared her tips and tricks to preventing blisters. First, the hiker recommends clipping your toenails because your nails will dig into your boots if they're too long.

Next, she recommends filing your calluses and removing a bit of the dead skin. Then, the TikToker states that you should tape any "blister or hotspot prone areas."

She added, "If you've got delicate skin that is prone to blisters, then it might be helpful to use sports tape on certain areas of your feet before your hike."

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5. Make your own walking stick

Don't want to spend money on hiking poles? Are you prepared to simply DIY a walking stick? TikTok user @wilderness_ontario shared his simple hack for breaking a walking stick to suit your height. Find a branch and place it in between two trees that are growing close together which will create the leverage you need to snap the stick. Now you have a perfect walking stick for your hike.

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