“It Shows Emotion” — Mom Asks Internet to Judge Her Cookie Decorating vs Toddler’s

"Left is super creative, outside the box. Right has 0 creativity."

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Jul. 8 2024, Published 2:00 a.m. ET

Toddler vs Adult: Garfield Cookie Decoration Contest Goes Viral
Source: X | @trillary_banks_

If you've taken an English composition class in college or any type of critical analysis theory courses, then you'll know the art of bullsh---ing is an imperative skill one must adopt in order to elucidate and read into any of the works that you're forced to read to pass those classes.

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One could argue that this is a useful skill for being able to identify when folks are trying to spew a bunch of hot air — knowing when someone is trying to spin a yarn that they don't necessarily believe in could be important and extremely helpful life skill to apply in a variety of situations.

cookie decorating
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But it could also teach one to force themselves to honestly relate to/engage with subject matter that may not immediately resonate with them in order to create an honest reaction.

And it looks like the "honesty" a lot of people were able to find in response to this viral X post about Garfield cookies is to come up with some hilarious replies that explain just why one of the treats is a more compelling piece of art than the other.

X user Wiz Fajita (@trillary_banks) uploaded a picture of two Garfield cookies side by side that were colored by two separate artists: herself and her toddler.

She asked users on the application if folks could determine who the artists behind each of the cookies were.

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Source: X | @trillary_banks_

On the right, is the clearly inferior orange and red Garfield cookie. His belly is red. Besides it is one adorned with wild blue scribbles, an expression of the freedom and hope of youth and boldness to challenge the restrictions set forth by adults.

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Wiz writes in her X post, asking for honest assessments from folks on the application on who made the better work of edible art: "Need y'all to judge. I colored one cookie and my toddler colored the other one. I'm not gotta tell y'all who did which, just to keep it fair… but which one is better?"

Source: X | @Weirdnesss_
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Thankfully, there were throngs of people who rose to the challenge and upheld what true artistry looks like. Numerous X users replied to her post to let Wiz know, in a variety of different ways, that the blue (left) cookie was infinitely better than the orange (red) cookie.

Source: X | @MemphixX_NBA
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Source: X | @MrsBundridge

One of the replies even mentioned that they thought whoever colored the orange (red) cookie was utilizing too many colors at their disposal and for the sake of the competition, it shouldn't even be considered an appropriate competition entry as a result: "Using 3 colors seems excessive n a bit cheaty-ish on that solo Garfield n feels like they should be disqualified"

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Source: X | @heymrsbond
Source: X | @heyyitsjanea
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Someone else argued while both of them were good, there was something special about the blue one that spoke to them in ways that really couldn't be quantified — that it somehow hit a magical place:

"The orange is good, one might even say true to the original. The blue one begs us to imagine a different reality, one that isn’t confined to lines and perception and someone else’s version of truth. The color of the blue signifies a washing away, a new beginning."

Source: X | @NitaInNarnia
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Source: X | @Monalise_ah

"Left for sure. The right is just so…eh but the left really manages to capture the emotion while displaying the ability to think outside the box and the abstraction excited through the use of one color really leaves the audience yearning for more," another wrote.

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Source: X | @tweetwithashlee
Source: X | @Denita_fit
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For another X user, one specific detail that shouldn't be overlooked is what sent the blue one over the edge: "You can tell which one is better, it has the bite taken out. Because it’s obviously irresistible."

Source: X | @jordy9700
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Source: X | @JayCakezz

Because at the end of the day, these are cookies we're talking about here. A piece of art that is ultimately supposed to be enjoyed and then eaten. And the entire point of making food look more presentable is to whet a person's appetitie — and there's clear evidence that denotes that person's blue Garfield cookie did exactly that.

Why else would there be a bite taken out of it? Come on.

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