This Toddler Supposedly Sees a Ghost in Her Closet — Her Mom Investigates

A toddler supposedly sees a ghost smiling at her in her closet, so her mom tries to investigate. You won't believe what she found.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Aug. 31 2023, Published 4:13 p.m. ET

It's safe to say that folks will always be divided on the existence of ghosts. Some people will often try to counter any odd visual phenomenon or encounter with the idea that there has to be a rational explanation for such an occurrence, even if they can't conjure one up right away. However, there are people out there who are just as adamant in believing that they've had real-life spiritual encounters that the known world can't readily explain.

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One mom on TikTok claims to have had several of these encounters. @sinatrainmylap on TikTok is a mother to two young girls. As such, she has plenty to share about being a parent as well as random life updates on what else she's up to in her life.

However, it might surprise you to know that she has more than a few ghost stories up her sleeve. In one of her most popular videos thus far, her young toddler even claims to have seen a ghost in her closet. Here's why the mom thinks that's feasible.

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A toddler claims that she sees a ghost in her closet. The mom goes to investigate.

In her first video, posted on July 14, 2023, OP went into her daughter's closet after she claimed to have seen a ghost smiling at her. If horror movies have taught us anything, it's that we shouldn't mess around when a child claims to have seen something scary. The mom went to her closet to investigate.

As you might expect, the mom didn't see anything right away, let alone capture anything for TikTok. However, the daughter insisted that there was "a grown-up person" smiling at her from there. OP promised to "get rid of the person" for her daughter, though that may have to involve a little ghostbusting.

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OP revealed a few more details in some follow-ups. Apparently, this spirit is in the form of an adult woman. The story even develops in another continuation.

Using a ghost filter in a separate video that generates an animated image, she scanned her daughter's closet. Creepily enough, the image of a woman did appear in what was otherwise a blank space.

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On a separate occasion, OP claimed that she heard her daughter communicating with the spirit. Apparently, she scolded her otherworldly visitor after it tried to mess with her bowl of cereal.

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The mom even consulted a couple of alleged spirit mediums on TikTok. Interestingly enough, she received multiple theories. One suggested that a spirit isn't occupying the closet specifically. They posited that spirits don't have to hide in closets since they are usually invisible to the naked eye.

However, another TikTok medium suggested that there may very well be spirits in their house. Fortunately, they aren't malevolent. This medium theorized that the spirits of dearly departed family members were simply dropping in to visit the daughter as any family member would. The only major difference is that the commute from the afterlife must be hectic!

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Not many parents would entertain the notion that their children are seeing spirits, but it's no surprise that this mom would. After all, OP claims to have had several paranormal encounters in her own life. By her own admission, she grew up in an allegedly haunted house and was witness to a lot of abnormal activity.

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Not only did she grow up desensitized to the idea of ghosts within her personal space, but she even admitted that she often receives comfort from visiting spirits in just about every house she's lived in. She even claims that her daughter has had paranormal events happen to her before the closet conundrum!

It's not even October yet, but we're already plenty spooked by whatever is going on in that closet.

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