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Source: Getty Image

Tom Holland's New Role in 'Cherry' Makes Him Look Almost Unrecognizable


About a week ago, Tom Holland took to Instagram to give fans a sneak peek at his newest film, Cherry. And uh, it's definitely a departure from his sweet, quirky role as Spider Man. In the Instagram post, Tom has a very severe new look. His hair is shaved, and he's pointing a gun at the camera. “No alarms. I’m a wanted man. They’ll kill me...," Tom captioned the image. Cherry, which is set to come out in 2020, is about an army medic with PTSD who resorts to robbing banks when his drug addiction eats up all his money. 

Cherry is based on a true story.

Cherry is based on the novel of the same name by Nico Walker, and was published in 2018. The novel is semi-autobiographical; Nico was sent to federal prison for robbing banks and has been an inmate since 2013. According to The Guardian, Nico joined the U.S. army as a medic, and served 11 months in Iraq. When he came home, he was diagnosed with PTSD and as a way to self-medicate, started doing heroin and robbing banks to make money.